You only have these kids at home for a few years—

are you making the most of every day?

All it takes is a birthday.

Another candle on your child’s cake.

And while she’s glowing in the candlelight, soaking up the last refrain of “Happy Birthday,” you realize…

I only have a few more years left.

Sure, they tell you, when you’re still in the diaper phase, that “The days are long but the years are short.”

But it’s not till those years do start flying that you realize just how much every day counts.

Here’s the thing: 

You only have a few short years to instill in your kids a love of family, strong character, and Godly purpose…and then they’re gone.

You can’t afford to hit “cruise control” and just let life happen anymore.

This is too important.

So how will you make the most of your days?

What you need is a plan.

And it has to be a plan that won’t add more to your plate, am I right?

Something you can stick to.

Something that won’t feel like “work” but your family will actually enjoy.

The key?

Building tiny habits. Tiny routines, one step at a time, that will make the most of your family’s time together.

A Family curriculum for Inspiring + Supporting Intentional Christian Parents

Pathfinder Parenting will help you:

  • Make deep, lasting connections with your kids
  • Develop character in your kids and build healthy views of authority + themselves
  • Instill good habits + responsibility in daily family life
  • Give your kids a Christian lens to view the world
  • Teach your kids to recognize and use the gifts God has given them
  • Grow not just your kids’ head knowledge about God, but a relationship with Him

When you join Pathfinder Parenting, you’ll learn to take advantage of the time you already have and intentionally create a family life you love.

What’s included?

When you join Pathfinder Parenting, you’ll get an inspiring + practical mix of long-term habits and short-term wins for building your family life:


1. The Family Action Pack:

An open-and-go monthly curriculum you can build your family around.

Every month your family action pack will include…

Words of Wisdom Monthly Map

Making Proverbs practical for everyday life.

A focused Bible reading plan + guide through the virtues you want to cultivate in your kids. Each month we focus on a different virtue. You can easily adapt this to your family’s unique ages and stages!

Table Talk Discussion Starters

These simple, thought-provoking dinnertime prompts will give your family rich conversation at meal times—to make connecting as a family easy every day (no matter if dinner is at home or on the road)

Family Adventure Night Guide

Setting aside time to make memories together!

We give you an easy activity to incorporate into your family life each month—you can schedule it on your calendar or just wait for the perfect spontaneous opportunity. Either way, you’ll be making memories and growing closer as a family.

Family Movie Night Guide

Raising media wise kids.

Thought-provoking discussion starters about a different movie each month. You’re not just entertaining your kids, but teaching them to be active consumers, developing discernment in their viewing so they grow toward responsibility and maturity. Our movie selections are easy to rent online, and you can print out the guide for use now or later!

Hot Off the Press!

Making sense of current events in light of eternity.

We give you the tools you need to tackle tough topics in current events with your kids and have thoughtful, engaging discussions. Steep your kids in a Christian worldview, while also helping them make sense of what’s in the news. Past topics have included the Alfie Evans human rights case (May), abortion (April), and transgenderism (March). Even if your kids aren’t ready for these tough topics yet, they’ll need to develop a Christian worldview that informs their understanding of these topics…sooner than you think. Simply print out and save in your family binder—for now or later.

2. The Pathfinder Parent Guide.

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. That’s why, we’ve created a parenting curriculum that will be delivered in tiny, bite-sized pieces to help you develop the routines + habits as a family that will help you become the intentional, God-led parent you’ve always wanted to be. And because busy parents don’t need another “to do” on your plate, we keep things short and focused, so they don’t distract from the rest of your life—they make it richer.

3. Special Live Events

November 27th Luke and Trisha will be to talking about teaching about 7 sex-ed mistakes you might be making (and how you can make changes).

4. Member-Only Discounts

…to other in-depth parenting courses from Intoxicated on Life like Screen Sense: 3 no-fail strategies for ending the battle over screen time, Preparing Christian Kids for an LGBT world, and more!

5. Members-Only Facebook Group

You’ll also receive access to our member-only facebook group where you can connect with us and other parents working to be intentional in raising godly Christian kids.

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See what a few Pathfinders have to say…

My main concern in enrolling was committing to a monthly payment. Would it be worth it…

…or would it be like my weight watchers and gym membership– just donating to something I never use? Thankfully, I have been able to benefit from being a part of Pathfinder Parenting every month!

I appreciate that each of the trainings really dig into tough issues and look at them from a biblical perspective. I love that you can attend live to ask questions and get specific feedback on your biggest concerns, but also that we can access recordings later because sometimes life just doesn’t allow for me to attend live.


The training you offer as part of Pathfinder Parenting has all been super practical!

And it’s so convenient that I have continued access to the trainings so I can go back and watch or re-watch them at anytime.  But most of all, I love that you always bring everything back to the Bible.


I was concerned the community would be tailored just to married couples and as a single mom I’d feel excluded…

But I decided to sign up anyways because I felt lost. I needed more guidance in parenting my boys in a Biblically based way. I am so glad I did. I’m grateful for all you have offered, I don’t feel so alone as a parent anymore!


I’m a Christian mom who was looking to improve my parenting skills and add more tools to my toolbox.

Pathfinder Parenting has offered great resources and information. Parenting is hard work. The more community you have around to help you, the better!


When it’s finally time to watch your son blow out the candles on his 18th birthday, feel confident you used all the little moments you were given to shape his character.

Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.  Psalms 90:12

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